Coleman Portable Hot Tub Reviews


Have you been searching the internet for Coleman Portable Hot Tub Reviews?  Well, we get it. If there’s one name that’s associated with reliable, quality portable hot tubs, it’s Coleman®. That’s because if you want a hot tub that is great fun, doesn’t take much work to maintain, and isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket, then a Coleman portable hot tub is just the thing. So look no… VIEW POST

Small Blow up Hot Tubs


If you are shopping for small blow up hot tubs, then following our simple tips will help you find the best hot tub for you and save you money. Small blow up hot tubs range in price, quality, and the strength of their massage system; therefore, getting the best hot tub really does matter. This guide will walk you through what you should look for in a small blow up hot tub,… VIEW POST

MSPA Premium Soho Outdoor Spa Review


Straight off the bat, we have to tell you that we love the funky design of the MSPA Premium Soho Outdoor Spa. With its white exterior and black leather art deco trim, this portable spa certainly is eye-catching and different from all the other hot tubs out there. It’s also one of only a few quality square inflatable hot tubs on the market, a shape that more and more people are… VIEW POST

MSPA Lite Alpine Square Outdoor Spa Review


The MSPA Lite Alpine Outdoor Spa is a great little square hot tub that is just right for 2 adults to stretch out and relax in comfort. At 62 inches across, it’s the smallest square hot tub you can buy; and not only is it ideal for a couple – or even a small family at a push – but its size also makes it economical to run. As we have come to expect… VIEW POST

MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa Review


We think the MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa is one of the top 3 inflatable hot tubs you can buy. It’s an elegant looking portable spa, with its mocha colored outer and champagne gold inner. At 71 inches across and 28 inches deep, it’s big enough to seat 4 adults at a squeeze, although it’s much better to see it as perfect for 2 grown ups. It’s also sturdy enough to use… VIEW POST

Inflatable Hot Tub Health Risks

As we saw in our article on the Health Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs, there are many wonderful advantages you get from owning your very own hot tub. They reduce stress, ease the aches and pains of daily life, help you sleep better, assist in weight loss, and even ease the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. And, of course, they’re great fun. However, we need to point out that there are… VIEW POST

SaluSpa Hawaii 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Review


If you’re looking for a square inflatable hot tub that doesn’t cost the earth, then the SaluSpa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub makes a great choice. There’s something different and satisfying about leaning back into the corner of a spa that isn’t your usual circular shape. A big advantage of square hot tubs is that by sitting in the corners, they offer more lumbar support than a round hot tub can offer…. VIEW POST

How To Clean Your Inflatable Hot Tub


In this article, we are looking at How To Clean Your Inflatable Hot Tub – and How To Keep It Clean After You’ve Cleaned It.  We saw in our guide When Should I Change The Water In My Inflatable Hot Tub? that you need to replace the water in your hot tub regularly. This is to keep the water clean, hygienic, and safe for your hot tub users. If you just… VIEW POST

Intex 4 Person Octagonal Spa Review


The Intex 4 Person Octagonal Spa is a good choice for anyone who wants a top quality Budget inflatable hot tub that stands out from the rest. It’s especially great for those who prefer to nestle back into a corner when they relax in a hot tub. Because with this model, you get eight corners to choose from! Just like the square hot tubs that are becoming more popular these days,… VIEW POST

MSPA Luxury Exotic 6 Person Jet Spa Review


There’s a regal quality and sophistication to the MSpa Luxury Exotic 6 Person Jet Spa which we love. With its elegant black and gold satin exterior design, and its internal cushioned seating, right through to the powerful, adjustable hydromassage jets, you’re really going to enjoy this luxurious top-of-the-range model. It’s also one of the biggest inflatable hot tubs you can buy, measuring 80 inches across and 28 inches deep. This makes… VIEW POST