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Have you been searching the internet for Coleman Portable Hot Tub Reviews?  Well, we get it. If there’s one name that’s associated with reliable, quality portable hot tubs, it’s Coleman®. That’s because if you want a hot tub that is great fun, doesn’t take much work to maintain, and isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket, then a Coleman portable hot tub is just the thing.

So look no further. We’ve gathered together all the Coleman portable hot tubs and special deals that are out there into one article, and put them through our comprehensive review system.

Unlike other reviews online, we mix first-hand reviews with aggregated reviews from real hot tub owners across the web, so you get a clearer idea of what the real consensus is on a hot tub without having to jump from one review site to another. And who has time to do that these days?

So here they all are in one place. Read on my friend.

Portable Hot TubNameRatingCapacityPrice rangeBest deal on Amazon
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_lay-z_spaColeman Lay-Z Spafive stars4 adultsBudgetCheck it out >>
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_saluspa 4 personColeman SaluSpa Portable4.3 stars2 adultsBudgetCheck it out >>
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_saluspa_6_personColeman SaluSpa Jacuzzi4.6 stars4 adultsMid-rangeCheck it out >>
Package Deals
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_saluspa_big_package_dealColeman Saluspa Portable
+ bluetooth entertainment center, drinks holder and tray, 6 filter cartridges, spa cleaning kit
4.2 stars2 adultsMid-rangeCheck it out >>
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_lay-z_spa Coleman Lay-Z Spa
+ 6 filter cartridges
4.6 stars4 adultsMid-rangeCheck it out >>
coleman_portable_hot_tub_reviews_coleman_saluspa_package_dealColeman SaluSpa Portable
+ 6 filter cartridges
4.2 stars2 adultsBudgetCheck it out >>

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Which Hot Tub Should You Choose?

There’s a reason that Coleman portable hot tubs regularly top the best-seller lists on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. That’s because the Coleman Company only make top quality American outdoor recreational goods that are built to delight you and are made to last; and their hot tubs are no different.

So having decided to buy a Coleman hot tub, the decision comes down to which model should you choose?

To answer that question, there are some things you need to know about portable hot tubs, so you are better informed and can make a better choice. So let’s look at what you want to look for when choosing the Coleman portable hot tub that’s exactly right for you.

Size and Seating Capacity

A good starting point is to think about how many people you want to fit in your hot tub. But keep in mind that when a manufacturer talks about the seating capacity for one of their hot tubs, they literally do mean seating capacity!  So when they say a hot tub is big enough for 6 people, they’re talking about how many can sit in it, very close together.

Iinflatable-hot-tubs-beginners-guidef you want your hot tub to be a place where you lie back in the hot water and enjoy an all-over massage, however, then the number of people who can comfortably use the hot tub is going to be reduced.

Now we love to lie back in our hot tub and relax after a tough day at work – and that’s what most people purchase a portable hot tub for. So we always give the capacity of any hot tub in terms of the maximum number of adults who can stretch out in the tub.

That’s why, if you look at the table above, you’ll see that our numbers are different from the manufacturer’s numbers. That’s because we always tell you how many adults can comfortably lie out in each hot tub, leaning back and enjoying the relaxing bubbling waters.

The four measurements you need to know

As well as knowing how many people can comfortably fit in your hot tub, there are four measurements of your new hot tub that you need to think about:

  • external measurements
  • internal measurements
  • depth
  • how much floor space you need to site your hot tub

External measurements and Internal measurements

When you look at any site which features portable hot tubs, they usually give the inflated size of the hot tub in both inches and meters. So over on Amazon, for example, you’ll see the Coleman Lay-Z Spa’s measurements are 77in x 28in (1.96cm x 71cm). That’s 77 inches diameter and 28 inches deep.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are the external measurements of the hot tub and not the internal space that you lie in once you’re in the tub. Those measurements – which are rarely given – are somewhat smaller.

That’s because the walls of inflatable hot tubs these days have to be pretty thick once they are inflated, in order to be strong enough to hold the weight of hundreds of gallons of water without giving way. They also need to be sturdy enough to support adults as they get in and out of the tub, when they lean back against the sides – even when they sit on the sides.

As a general guideline, the walls of these hot tubs are around 10 inches thick. Therefore you need to subtract about 20 inches off the external measurements to have some idea of how much space you get inside the hot tub.

For more accurate measurements, we have put together a table which shows you all the measurements you need to know about each Coleman portable hot tub, including the internal measurements.

TOP TIP: There’s a simple trick we always suggest to our readers before you buy any portable hot tub. Lay out a circle of cushions or pillows on the floor of your living room, with the space between them measuring the same as the internal measurement of the hot tub you’re interested in. Then sit on the floor and lean back against one of the cushions, and stretch your legs out. You’ll then be able to see how much space you’ll have inside that tub.

External dimensionsInternal dimensionsFloor space needed
Coleman Lay-Z Spa77 inches diameter
28 inches deep
56 inches diameter
24 inches deep
10½ feet x 10½ feet
Coleman SaluSpa Portable71 inches diameter
26 inches deep
53 inches diameter
22 inches deep
10 feet x 10 feet
Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi77 inches diameter
28 inches deep
57 inches diameter
24 inches deep
10½ feet x 10½ feet


Most inflatable hot tubs are 26 inches deep, which is a little over 2 feet. That is plenty deep enough for the water to come up to your shoulders when you lean back against the side. Some models, however, are 28 inches deep; and although those extra couple of inches may not seem that much, they do mean that when you lean back against the side, the water will cover your shoulders. This makes these slightly deeper models ideal for hydrotherapy purposes.

And, you’ll be pleased to see, both the Coleman Lay-Z Spa and the Coleman Saluspa are 28 inches deep!

How Much Floor Space You Need To Site Your Hot Tub

This one is sometimes overlooked by new hot tub owners. However, you should think about the space you are going to need in order to site your portable hot tub.

Although a hot tub such as the Coleman Lay-Z Spa, to take one example, is almost 6½ feet across externally, you are also going to need space around the hot tub in order to access it.

inflatablehottubsreviews size of your hot tub

You need space around your inflatable hot tub

First off, you’re going to need some space so that you can easily get in and out of the hot tub.

Although you could do this from one side, and therefore tuck the hot tub away into a corner of your garden or deck, think about how you might need to be able to reach the sides, in order to clean them or tend to them.

And then you should always put the cover on every time you finish in the tub – to keep the heat in and keep the water clean – and you have to take it off before you get in. It’s going to be difficult to reach across a 6-foot hot tub to unclip the lid, so you are going to save yourself a lot of trouble if you do leave some space all the way round.

You might think that if you need to get to the sides, you could pull your hot tub away from any wall or enclosure. However, a portable hot tub filled with water weighs between 2,000 – 3,000lbs! So you won’t be able to move it once it’s in place.

That’s why, ideally, you should have about 2 feet of space all around the hot tub, so you can get to the sides, as you can see from our table above. Ultimately, it does come down to personal preference, and we know of several owners who do have their hot tub tucked away in a corner of their yard. Also, you might not have the recommended space available, either. That’s also fine.

But please be aware that if you do site your hot tub in a way that means you can’t access the sides easily, you will have to adapt any time you need to reach them. This might involve draining the hot tub so you can then move it in order to get to the sides.

The Massage System

The massage system in portable hot tubs consists of a circle of little holes around the bottom of the walls of the hot tub, known as bubble jets. When you turn on the massage system, air blows through the holes and creates streams of bubbles which massage your back as the bubbles make their way to the surface. The power of those streams – in other words how good the massage system is – depends on two elements:

  • the number of bubble jets
  • the strength of the water flow

Coleman Portable Hot Tubs have strong massage systems.

It doesn’t necessarily mean, therefore, that the more bubble jets there are in your hot tub, then the better the massage system will be. It also needs to have a strong water flow to pump the air powerfully enough to create a good all-over massage.

As you’d expect, each of the three Coleman Portable Hot Tubs has good massage systems, with a strong water flow. For us, there’s nothing to choose between the Coleman Lay-Z Spa and the Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi. They both have great massage systems which give a relaxing massage. The Coleman SaluSpa Portable is almost as good, but because it’s smaller it has fewer bubble jets.

Here, then, are the figures you need to know:

  • Coleman Lay-Z Spa: 120 bubble jets; water flow 320 gallons/hour
  • Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi: 120 bubble jets; water flow 320 gallons/hour
  • Coleman SaluSpa Portable 60 bubble jets; water flow 280 gallons/hour

The Construction of Your Hot Tub

When you’re paying out a few hundred dollars or so for a portable hot tub, you want to be sure it’s going to last. It has to be well-made and strong enough to survive the comings and goings of everyday use, and you want it to be sturdy enough to last you for years. But at the same time, you want it to be to comfortable to get in and out of, and soft enough to lean back against the sides.

Each of the Coleman hot tubs meets these requirements. That’s because of the material they are made from and the internal construction.


Coleman hot tubs are constructed of a material known as TriTech™.  This is a triple-layer covering, made up of one layer of polyester mesh in between two layers of laminated PVC like a sandwich.

This triple layer creates the durability and strength which your hot tub needs, to withstand everyday use, and it gives it a thickness which makes the hot tub insulated to help maintain the heat of the water. Because the skin is PVC, though, it has the flexibility to be comfortable as well. It also means that your hot tub is easy to fold up and store at the end of the season without the skin weakening or cracking.

Internal Construction

Coleman Portable Hot Tubs construction i-beam

Inside the walls of your Coleman hot tub there is a construction which allows the walls to be super-strong and yet at the same time be flexible. It’s known as an I-Beam construction, and it’s based on the structure of girders and beams that are used in the construction industry.

As you can see, inside the hot tub walls are horizontal PVC ‘beams’ which add sturdiness and support to the walls when they are inflated. They do this by increasing the vertical strength of the walls, and at the same time by spreading the load-bearing weight on the walls, such as when people get in and out of the hot tub.

In fact the load-bearing capacity of Coleman portable hot tubs means that you can sit on the sides of the hot tub without them collapsing or even buckling. This is especially important for anyone who is a little unsteady on their feet and wants to be confident that the walls will support them as they get into and out of the hot tub.

The flexibility and strength given by this I-Beam construction also means that your hot tub won’t lose its shape no matter how many times you inflate it, deflate it, fold it up, or pack it away.

Water Capacity and Weight of Your Hot Tub

How much water your hot tub holds has three important consequences: how long it takes to fill the hot tub, how long it takes to heat the water, and how heavy your hot tub will be when it’s full.

First off, it’s very easy to set up Coleman hot tubs, even if you’ve never set up an inflatable hot tub before in your life! It should take you around 30-45 minutes from out-the-box to having the hot tub fully inflated and ready to be filled with water.

We’ve put a video at the bottom of this article to show you how to set up the Coleman Lay-Z Spa – and you’ll also find that it also works for the Coleman SaluSpa Portable and the Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi models.

So once your hot tub is set up, you need to fill it with water from your faucet, using a garden hose. On average – and depending on the water pressure from your faucet – it will take around 30 minutes to fill your Coleman portable hot tub; a little less for the smaller Coleman SaluSpa Portable.


You’ll see the minimum and maximum lines inside your hot tub

Please note that there are two lines inside your Coleman hot tub – a minimum and a maximum fill line. You must fill your hot tub up to the minimum line at least and always check that it hasn’t fallen below this line. Failing to do this will mean that the filtration system will not work properly and could even break down.

At the same time, make sure you don’t fill the hot tub above the maximum fill-line. That’s because you need to leave room for the water to rise when you turn on the massage system and when you – and anyone else – get into the tub.

We always recommend to our readers, and to all new hot tub owners, that the first time you fill your hot tub, you should fill it only to the minimum line. Then, when you get into your hot tub and turn on the massage system, you can see how much the water rises. It’s then easy to add a little more water, up to the maximum line, if you want.

Once you’ve filled your hot tub, you need to put the cover on, fasten it in place, and then turn on the water heater. Each of the Coleman portable hot tubs has a heating unit with a digital display, so you can easily choose the temperature of the water you prefer, up to a maximum 104F. This is the industry-standard maximum temperature for all inflatable hot tubs.

One of the most commonly-asked questions over on Amazon and Walmart is: How long does it take to heat the water up to 104F?

There are a few variables which can change the answer, but you should plan on it taking around 24 hours. That’s because each Coleman portable hot tub heats the water at a rate of 3-4F per hour.

However, there are some things which affect that time, especially the air temperature and the temperature of the water. We’ve put together a handy table that shows you how long if takes to fill the Coleman Lay-Z Spa and Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi hot tubs. These are the 4-person models, so for the smaller 2-person Coleman SaluSpa Portable, the time will be less.

Air TemperatureWater TemperatureTarget TemperatureHeating Time
50°F50°F104°F32 hours
59°F59°F104°F26 hours
68°F68°F104°F20 hours
77°F77°F104°F14 hours
86°F86°F104°F9 hours

TOP TIP: To reduce the amount of time it takes to heat up the water, we recommend adding some hot water to the hot tub when you fill it up. In fact, some hot tub owners fill their tub only with hot water, so it’s ready to use straightaway. One thing you must never do, however, is fill it with boiling water, as this could destroy the PVC and ruin your hot tub.

The Filled Weight of the Hot Tub

We already mentioned that when your hot tub is filled with water, it is incredibly heavy. That’s because one gallon of water weighs a little over 8lbs, and even the smallest of the three Coleman portable hot tubs holds 192 gallons, which means it weighs 1,668lbs. And that’s before anyone gets in it! So with two fully-grown adults, it can easily weigh over 2,000lbs.

What that means, is that once it’s filled, you won’t be able to move it. It also means that if you plan on putting your hot tub on a deck or indoors, you need to check the site can bear that much weight.

A lot of people want to place their hot tub on a deck, and often ask if it’s possible to do so. The answer is definitely Yes – as long as you take some safety precautions. In fact if you look at the frequently asked questions on, you’ll see that a number of owners do put their hot tubs on their deck; however, they support the deck with timber or even car jacks.

The table below shows the capacity of each Coleman hot tub, and the weight when it is filled – but the figures don’t include the additional weight of the people who are going to use it. If you then want some advice on whether your deck or floor is capable of supporting the hot tub, there’s a useful article over on the LBM Journal website, which makes a good start point.

Coleman Portable Hot Tubs - Water Capacity and Weight

ModelWater capacity
(filled up to maximum-fill line)
(hot tub + weight of the water)
Coleman Lay-Z Spa254 gallons2,193 lbs
Coleman SaluSpa Portable192 gallons1,668 lbs
Coleman SaluSpa Jacuzzi254 gallons2,193 lbs

What’s Included In The Price

With all the information and tips we’ve given you, you’re in a good position to start thinking about which of the Coleman portable hot tubs is going to be the right one for you.

When you’re looking to buy an inflatable hot tub, it’s important to check that you’re getting a great deal for your money. As well as the hot tub itself, there are certain features that your hot tub should have, and a few Accessories that should be included in the price.

We always recommend that any hot tub you’re thinking of buying has the following as a bare minimum included in the package.

  • Digitally controlled heater unit
  • Insulated cover
  • Insulated ground mat
  • Chemical float
  • Spare filter cartridge
  • Heavy-duty repair kit
  • Instruction DVD

You’ll be glad to know that each of the Coleman portable hot tubs ticks all these boxes with quality features and accessories and then some!

If you check out our table below on the features and accessories you get with each hot tub, you’ll see they all have an inflatable lid and a padded floor as standard as well. You know, going that extra mile is why Coleman’s hot tubs are so well reviewed and are such great hot tubs. 

Besides the portable hot tubs themselves, there are some special package deals over on Amazon. These include extra accessories that Amazon put together in a bundle with the hot tub, providing them at less than they would cost if you bought them separately.

The three best bundles and their extras that are available on the market are:

SaluSpa Portable Package Deal #1

As well as the hot tub with its standard features and extras, you also get:

  • Bluetooth entertainment centercoleman_portable_hot_tubs_accessories
  • Drinks holder and tray
  • 6 filter cartridges
  • Spa cleaning kit

SaluSpa Portable Package Deal #2

  • 6 filter cartridges

SaluSpa Jacuzzi Package Deal

  • 6 filter cartridges

On the table, we show you how much these extras would cost you if you bought them separately, so you can check out if the bundle is worth buying or not. Don’t be swayed, though, if the accessories aren’t really something you want. There are plenty of other extras you can buy and add on later, if you wish.

Coleman Portable Hot Tubs - Features and Accessories

Lay-Z SpaSaluSpa PortableSaluSpa JacuzziSaluSpa Portable Package Deal #1SaluSpa Portable Package Deal #2SaluSpa Jacuzzi Package Deal
Digital control
Insulated cover
Inflatable lid
Padded flooring
Insulated mat
Chemical float
Spare filter
Repair patches
Instruction DVD
Value of Package Deal Extras$200$70$70
Best Deal on AmazonCheck it outCheck it outCheck it outCheck it outCheck it outCheck it out


In this article, we reviewed what you should look for when considering Coleman portable hot tubs. Take our guidelines into consideration when you are buying your hot tub, so that you choose the exact one that’s right for you. We hope you enjoy many blissful hours relaxing in your hot tub. Thanks for reading!

How To Set Up Your Coleman Portable Hot Tub – Video



All images © the Coleman Company.

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