Bestway Hawaii Hot Tub With Music Center Review

The Bestway Hawaii Hot Tub with Music Center is a good deal if you want your hot tub to be a place where you can unwind, but also a place where you can entertain and have fun.

That’s because you get the best-selling Saluspa Hawaii square hot tub, and some cool extras thrown in. There’s a drinks and snack holder, 6 cartridge filters, a spa cleaning kit, and best of all a Bluetooth compatible music center.

So from the moment you set it up, you get a hot tub with entertainment center that’s perfect for both unwinding or for garden BBQs and parties. It’s big enough to seat up to 6 people – or a family with several kids, making it a fun addition to your back yard. Meanwhile, the extra filters and cleaning kit mean that you’re ready to keep those waters sparkling clean for years to come.

What’s also great is that you often can buy this all-in-one package for a hundred dollars or so less than some online suppliers are charging for the Saluspa Hawaii hot tub on its own! We recommend heading over to Amazon to see what special offers they have. To check out the latest offer, you can click on this link to Amazon and you’ll see their up-to-date deals.

Bestway Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub with Music Center – What You Get In The Box

Green tick Bestway Saluspa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub
Green tick 114 Air Jet massage system
Green tick 104F Rapid heating system
Green tick SaluSpa Bluetooth Entertainment Center
Green tick SaluSpa Drinks Holder and Tray
Green tick Digital control system with soft-touch control
Green tick Energy Saving Timer
Green tick Cushioned floor with convenient quick-drain valve
Green tick Inflatable leather-style cover with safety lock clips
Green tick Ground mat
Green tick Bestway Spa Cleaning Kit
Green tick 6 filter cartridges
Green tick Repair kit

To help you see what you get with this package in more detail, we have put together a table full of all the info you need, as well as comparing the hot tub to similar-priced and similar-size models. We hope it helps with your decision.

Bestway Hawaii With Music Center Features & Comparisons

Bestway Hawaii with
Music Center
Coleman SaluSpa with Music CenterMSpa Lite AlpineSaluSpa Realtree
External dimensions71 x 71 x 28 inches71in diameter x 26in deep62 x 62 x 27 inches77in diameter x 26in deep
Internal dimensions54 x 54 x 28 inches51in diameter x 26in deep46.5 x 46.5 x 27 inches51in diameter x 26in deep
(stretched out)
2-3 adults2 adults2 adults 2 adults
No. of air jets1146010888
Water capacity (80%)222 gallons211 gallons171 gallons192 gallons
Filled weight1,938lbs2,261lbs1,469lbs1,629lbs
Set up time15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes15 minutes
Electrical outlet110-120V110-120V110-120V110-120V
Heating to 104F24 hours24 hours18 hours18 hours
Shipping weight68lbs68lbs54lbs35lbs
SaluSpa HawaiiColeman SaluSpa with Music CenterMSpa Lite AlpineSaluSpa Realtree
FeaturesInflatable hot tub
114 air bubble jets
Leatheroid exterior
Digital heater
Energy-saving timer
Insulated lockable lid
Insulated ground mat
2 Filter cartridges
1 Chemical floater
Pressure gauge
Owner's DVD
Repair patches
Bluetooth entertainment center
Drinks holder and tray
6 filter cartridges
Spa cleaning kit
Inflatable hot tub
60 air bubble jets
Digital heater
Insulated inflatable lid
Insulated ground mat
1 chemical floater
Owner's DVD
Repair kit
Bluetooth entertainment center
Drinks holder and tray
6 filter cartridges
Spa cleaning kit
Inflatable hot tub
108 dynamic air jets
6-layer PVC skin
Whisper-quiet motor
Soft-touch digital panel
Ceramic heating system
Lockable insulated cover
Inflatable lid
Protective ground mat
Inflation hose
Air pressure gauge
Garden hose adaptor
Spare filter cartridge
Easy drain system
Owners DVD & manual
Inflatable hot tub
Realtree camouflage exterior
88 air bubble jets
Digital heater
Insulated inflatable lid
Insulated ground mat
2 filter cartridges
1 chemical floater
Owner's DVD
Repair kit
Tech specsHeater – 2000W
Air Blower – 800W
Filter Pump – 12V/50W
Water flow - 320 gal/hour
Heater – 2000W
Air Blower – 800W
Filter Pump – 12V/50W
Water flow - 350 gal/hour
Heater – 1350W
Air Blower – 720W
Filter Pump – 24V/50W
Water flow - 400 gal/hour
Heater – 2000W
Air Blower – 800W
Filter Pump – 12V/50W
Water flow - 350 gal/hour
Best price on AmazonCheck it outCheck it outCheck it outCheck it out

Background Info

With its square shape, the Bestway Saluspa Hawaii is different from most other inflatable hot tubs, which are usually round. Lately, more and more hot tub owners are discovering just how comfortable nestling into the corner of a square hot tub can be – they certainly appreciate the extra back support given by the two sides of the corner. If you’re like us and suffer from back problems, then this is a definite advantage.

Because of its shape, a square hot tub offers more internal space than a round model. And so the SaluSpa Hawaii, at 71 inches by 71 inches and  28 inches deep, has a few more inches of internal floor space than a round hot tub of the same size. This might not sound like much, but those few inches of extra width – along with the couple of inches extra depth – make a world of difference when you stretch out, or when you want to seat a couple of extra people.

Please keep in mind that when Bestway say the hot tub is a 6-person model, they’re referring to how many people can sit in the tub, all close together. If you’re having a party, then that’s great.

But if you want to relax back in your hot tub, for some chill-out time or for an all-over massage, then it’s best to see this hot tub as big enough for 2-3 adults.

The hot tub is constructed of Bestway’s 3-ply Tri Tech material, which makes it extra-durable and rip resistant. The walls also have an internal I-Beam construction, consisting of flexible horizontal PVC panels.

This means the walls are strong enough for several adults to sit on the sides without them buckling or giving way. It also means that with the right care and treatment, this inflatable hot tub will last you for years.

The Extras

What many owners find, is that once they’ve used their inflatable hot tub a few times, they realize some accessories would be nice additions.  As you can read in our article Our 9 Favorite Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories, there are some great extras you can buy; but this package means you get some useful extras included in the price.

First off, there’s the SaluSpa Bluetooth Entertainment Center.  This clips over the Digital Control Panel, while still leaving full access to the soft touch controls and visual display.

The system supports Bluetooth 4.0, so you can listen to music whilst enjoying the delights of the hot water. You can also talk on your phone if you wish: although to be honest, the last thing we want when relaxing in our inflatable hot tub is a phone call! But it is good to have it nearby, just in case.

The Entertainment Center also has 2 cup holders, some extra storage for your phone or other small personal belongings, and it has a rechargeable, built-in battery.

The package also includes 6 cartridge filters.  We recommend replacing your filter every 3-6 months, depending on how often you use your hot tub.  That means you get up to 3 years’ worth of filters!

Add in the spa cleaning kit, which consists of a net to scoop out any leaves or debris, a brush to clean the hot tub surface, and a scrubbing mitt, and you’re all set to keep your inflatable hot tub in perfect condition.

To top it all off, you also get the Bestway SaluSpa Drinks Holder and Tray.  This fits on the side of the hot tub and holds two drinks and some snacks. The drink holders can be separated from the tray, and both parts can be fitted onto the side of the hot tub.

How To Set Up The Bestway Saluspa Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub

The Bestway Saluspa Hawaii is a plug-and-play inflatable hot tub, which means it is super easy to set up. From taking it out of the box to having it inflated and filled with water will take you under an hour.

Firstly, lay out the ground mat in the position where you are going to site your hot tub, then unroll the hot tub on top.  Plug in the control panel and link the inflation hose from the control panel to the hot tub inflation valve.  It will then take around 10 minutes to inflate.

Once the hot tub is inflated, it will take around 20 to 30 minutes to fill it with water.  If you want to give the water a boost, and to cut down on heating time, then add some hot water from your faucet.  

Once the water reaches the maximum fill line, marked on the inside wall of the hot tub, put the inflatable cover on and link the hot tub to the control panel. If you have filled the hot tub with cold water, it will take up to 24 hours to heat it to the maximum temperature of 104F.  The heating rate of 2-3F an hour is standard for all inflatable hot tubs.

Enjoying The Bestway Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub with Music Center

When the water is at your desired temperature, slide off the lid and slip into the hot waters.  The digital control panel is close at hand, so you can turn on the massage system without having to get out of the hot tub.  You can also give the temperature a boost if you wish.

You will find that if you keep using the massage system, the temperature of the water will drop a little, but it’s simply a matter of giving the water heater a quick boost.

Of course, with the music system and drinks tray at hand, you’re all set to have an even more relaxing time in your portable jacuzzi, with music and drinks all to hand.

When you have finished in your hot tub, slip the cover back on.  You can also set the Energy Saving Timer. This allows you to schedule when you want the hot tub to start heating up, so it’s ready for when you get home.

Where To Buy It

As we mentioned before, we recommend looking at the deal for this hot tub package on It always offers the most competitive prices and often provides free shipping as well. We certainly appreciate getting heavy items such as an inflatable hot tub delivered directly to our door – especially for free! So to check out the current price on this hot tub package and to check out what other owners say about it, you can follow this link to Amazon.

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