Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Coleman-Lay-Z-Spa-Inflatable-Hot-Tub ReviewThe Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub is an easy-to-use and sturdy budget hot tub.  It’s always at the top of the best-seller lists, year after year.  So if you’re someone who wants a no-fuss, dependable, and affordable inflatable spa which will serve you extremely well for years to come, we suggest you go for it.  It’s one of the best hot tubs you can buy for under $500.

The Coleman Lay Z Spa measures 77 inches (1.96m) across.  The manufacturer says this is big enough to seat up to 5 or 6 adults. But to be honest, that’s a very tight squeeze, and 4 adults will find it much more comfortable and relaxing. Of course, if you have kids, they’re going to love being in the spa as well. It won’t be quite as relaxing, but it will still be loads of fun.

portable hot tub review

Coleman Lay Z Spa – What You Get In The Box

Green tick Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tubcoleman-lay-z-spa-inflatable-hot-tub-box
Green tick Powerful air jet massage system
Green tick Digital inflation pump
Green tick 104F Rapid heating system
Green tick Inflatable and insulated lid
Green tick Clip-on cover
Green tick Cushioned floor
Green tick Ground mat
Green tick Chemical float
Green tick DVD which shows how to set up and maintain your hot tub
Green tick Puncture repair kit

Your Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub measures 77 x 77 inches round (1.96m) and 26 inches (66cm) deep. There’s a cushioned floor, so you can sit in comfort and relax back in the hot, bubbling waters for the full-effect of its air jet massage.

coleman-lazy-s-spa-hot-tub-reviewYour Coleman hot tub is built of unique 3-ply reinforced TriTech material.  The walls also have an internal I-Beam construction, which makes it super-strong and durable. This means you can sit on the sides of your hot tub without it buckling or giving way.

As well as the internal cushioned floor, you also get a separate ground mat, for extra protection under the spa. It also has an inflatable and insulated lid, which helps to keep the water hot when you are not using your tub. For added protection, there’s an external cover complete with snap-together safety clips. So you can relax in the knowledge that young children cannot get into the tub when you are not around.

UPDATE: The Coleman Lay Z Spa is now known as the Coleman SaluSpa. So don’t get confused by their different names. They are exactly the same.

AirJet Massage System

The hot tub has the powerful Lay Z Spa AirJet system, with 87 air jets which give you a soothing massage. There’s also an integrated filter system to keep your water clean and free from contaminates. Make sure you keep your filter cartridge clean, to keep the water in your hot tub as fresh as possible and to prolong the cartridge’s life, by rinsing it regularly in cold water.

As with every feature of this portable hot tub, removing and replacing the filters is extremely simple and requires no special tools or technical skills.

In fact, everything about your Coleman Lay Z Spa is easy. From setting up your hot tub, through regular maintenance, and on to packing it away at the end of the season, it’s as easy as A-B-C.

Green tick  Check Owners’ Reviews On Amazon Here

How To Set Up Your Coleman Lay Z Spa

Even if you’re a complete portable hot tub newbie, your Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub takes only 10 minutes to lay-out and inflate.

First, you choose a flat piece of ground or decking area. When it’s full of water, the hot tub weighs about 2,700 lbs.  That’s about the same as a small car.  So make sure the surface you put it on will take that kind of weight.  Check the area is free of sharp objects, such as stones and twigs. Then place the ground mat in the position you want your hot tub to be in. Next, you lay out the hot tub on top of the mat, connect the hot tub to the pump and switch it on. It takes about 5 minutes for your hot tub to inflate, ready to be filled with water.

coleman-lazy-spaYou only need a normal garden hose to fill the spa with water. Remember to make sure the water level is between the Minimum and the Maximum lines, which are easy to see on the inside wall of the hot tub.

Then turn on the built-in Rapid heating system, using the digital control panels to select your desired water temperature. If you choose the maximum temperature of 104F (40c), it will take between 12 and 24 hours to heat up, depending on the temperature of the water from your hose and the ambient air temperature.


Relaxing In Your Coleman Hot Tub

When the water is at your desired temperature, simply slip into the soothing warm waters and relax . Everything you need is right at hand. The Digital Control Panel is on the side of the tub, allowing you to turn on the AirJet massage system or give the water temperature a boost.

Once you’re up and running with your new portable hot tub, you might decide to add in a couple of accessories to enhance your spa experience, such as a floating Bluetooth speaker or an attachable drinks tray.

We always like to remind people, however, that you don’t necessarily have to buy Lay-Z-Spa accessories, as most hot tub accessories will fit your inflatable hot tub.  So go with the ones that you appeal to you, as long as they have some good reviews and are at a fair price.  If you’re thinking of getting some add-ons, take a look at some great accessories that we love. 

Who Should Buy Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub?

  • People who don’t want to spend too much on their hot tub
  • People who are looking for a dependable and sturdy Budget model
  • People who want some great extras included in the price
  • People who want an easy-to-set up and easy-to-use hot tub
  • People looking for one of the best-value round hot tubs on the market

Don’t Buy It

  • If you want a more luxurious inflatable hot tub
  • If you want a larger hot tub that will seat more than 4 adults comfortably
  • If you want a more powerful hydrotherapy experience than the Lay Z Spa’s 87 air jets can give you.
  • If you want your portable hot tub in a different color than the Lay Z Spa’s green

Overall Impression

We really like the Coleman Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub. It truly is a no-nonsense spa.  It’s easy to set-up and use, even for someone who has never owned or used an inflatable jacuzzi in their life. It’s also great value for money.  It’s made by a reputable and trustworthy company, and it’s a Budget model, with some good add-ons, that we definitely recommend.  The fact that this Coleman hot tub is a best seller all around the world makes it well worth checking out.


portable hot tub review

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