MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa Review 2017

MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa inflatable hot tub reviewInflatable hot tubs just keep getting better and better, and the MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa lifts the bar even higher.

It’s a great looking portable spa, with its mocha colored outer and champagne gold inner. At 71 inches across and 28 inches deep, it’s big enough for up to 4 adults, and sturdy enough to use most of the year-round.

But what gives it that special wow factor is the unique massage system. It consists of 118 powerful bubble air jets, spaced out around the base of the hot tub. As well as those, there are also 4 adjustable hydro-massage jets in the walls of the spa. These are the same as you get in traditional hot tubs, and they can be adjusted to give an intense massage on certain areas of your body.

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MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa – What You Get In The Box

Green tick MSpa Elite Jet Reve Outdoor SpaMspa-Reve-Elite-review
Green tick 118 air jets and 4 adjustable hydro-massage jets
Green tick Whisper quiet motor system
Green tick Soft touch control panel
Green tick Super-sturdy 6-layer reinforced PVC construction
Green tick Inflatable cover with digital lock
Green tick Protective ground mat
Green tick Spare filter cartridge
Green tick Inflation hose
Green tick Manometer
Green tick Garden hose adaptor
Green tick Owner’s DVD and manual

Inflatable hot tubs have improved greatly in the past few years. As people become more discerning in what they want, so the manufacturers have responded with some great spas. MSpa entered the market to meet this need, with a range of excellent luxury portable spas, such as the Luxury Exotic 6 Person Jet Spa and the Super Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub.

MSPA JB-301 Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa massage systemWith the Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa, they have produced what we think is the best mid-range portable spa you can buy.

It looks great for a start, with its mocha outer skin and champagne gold inner. The finish on the spa is also of the highest standard, and it’s this attention to detail that has helped make MSpa such a successful company.

At 71 inches in diameter and 28 inches deep, it’s not the largest spa you can buy. But it is certainly spacious enough to seat 4 adults in comfort; while for 2 adults, the space is luxurious.

Of course, what sets this hot tub above others in the same price range is the massage system. The 118 air jets are powerful by themselves, and they give a great all-over massage. Add in the 4 adjustable hydro massage jets, which are the same as you get in rigid-shell hot tubs, and you have a fantastic spa with a massage system that equals traditional hot tubs, but costs thousands of dollars less. No wonder that owners who have chosen this spa are so enamoured by its performance and luxury.

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How To Set Up Your MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa

Because the MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa is a plug-and-play model, it is very easy to set up. You don’t need any specialist tools or expertise; and from opening the box to having it inflated and filled with water will take you under an hour.

Top tip: Always watch the owner’s DVD before you set up your new spa. Doing so will save you lots of time and effort.


Firstly, select the site where you are going to have your spa. This needs to be flat and free from anything that could rub against the spa, such as sharp stones or brickwork.

MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa control panelLay out the protective ground mat in the space, and then spread out the spa on top. Link the inflation hose to the motor and to the inlet on the spa, and press the control button. It will take only a couple of minutes for the spa to inflate. Be sure to use the manometer to check that the spa isn’t over-inflated, as this can cause water to leak out at the seams.

Once the spa is fully inflated, attach the control panel, making sure all connections are tight. Then fill the spa with water, up to the maximum line, using an ordinary garden hose. At this point, you may want to add in some hot water to help speed up the heating process.

Once the spa is filled with water, place the inflatable cover on top of the spa and lock it into place. Now you should select the water temperature, up to a maximum of 104F. Once you have done this, press the heater control on the soft touch panel. The water will take between 12 and 24 hours to heat up, depending on the temperature of the water and the ambient surroundings. 

Relaxing In Your MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa

Mspa-Reve-Elite-massage jetsWith the water at your desired temperature, slide off the cover and slip into the spa. Because the MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa is made of reinforced PVC, and has an internal I-Beam construction, the sides are strong enough to support anyone who is unsteady on their feet, and wants the spa to bear their full weight as they get in and out. It also means that 4 adults can sit on the sides of the spa without them buckling or giving way.

When you’re in the water, it’s simply a matter of reaching out to the control panel on the side of the spa and turning on the massage system. There is a control for the air jets and one for the hydro massage nozzles. 

Once the water is bubbling away, it’s a matter of leaning back against the sides and relaxing.

Although the spa comes with everything you need to have a wonderful spa experience, you can of course add in some optional extras, such as a Bluetooth Speaker or a head cushion. You can find a selection of the ones we like over on our Accessories page.

Our Overall Impressions

This is one of our favourite portable spas, and a real game changer. MSPa have already shown the way ahead for the inflatable hot tub market, with their top-of-the-range Luxury Exotic Jet Spa, which has 8 hydro-massage jets. With the MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa, they have combined the elements of that model with the best of less expensive models to come up with a spa which is truly excellent.

If you are looking for your first spa, or want to upgrade from a Budget model, then we thoroughly recommend this outstanding and good-looking spa.

Who Should Buy The MSPA Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa?

  • People looking for a high-quality and elegant 4-person spa
  • People looking for a great massage and hydrotherapy system
  • People looking for the features and quality of a luxury model but for a mid-range price
  • People who want a sturdy model which will fully support them as they get in and out of the spa
  • People who appreciate quality and luxury

Don’t Buy It

  • If you want a Budget model
  • If you want a larger hot tub that can hold more than 4 adults

MSPA JB-301 Elite Jet Reve Outdoor Spa fun

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