Your Guide To Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals

Everything You Need To Know About Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals

In this guide, we are looking at Everything You Need To Know About Inflatable Hot Tub Chemicals. It can be confusing – and maybe even a little scary – when you buy your inflatable hot tub, and realize that you are going to have to buy some chemicals as well.  Well, please don’t worry. Our guide is here to explain all about the chemicals you need to buy  and how to… VIEW POST

Keeping Children Safe In Your Inflatable Hot Tub


This is the most important article on our site, giving you all you need to know about keeping children safe in your inflatable hot tub.   As any parent will tell you, children love hot tubs. The thrill of having what in their eyes is a swimming pool right in their own backyard – and even better, one that bubbles! – causes them great excitement and it’s an irresistible attraction. But… VIEW POST

How To Test The Water In Your Inflatable Hot Tub


As we saw in our article How To Keep The Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub, it is important you check the quality of the water in your inflatable hot tub once a week. This is to ensure that the chemicals you have to add, which prevent the water harboring bacteria and algae, are at the correct levels. If they are, you can be sure that your inflatable hot tub… VIEW POST

How To Keep The Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub


In order to fully enjoy your inflatable hot tub, it’s important you keep the water as clean as possible. This will keep you and your family safe and healthy when you use your spa. It also it helps prolong the life of your hot tub, and it ensures you get the maximum, trouble-free enjoyment out of your portable hot tub. The First Time You Use Your Inflatable Hot Tub The first time you… VIEW POST

Health Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs

what are_inflatable-hot-tub-health-benefits

The health benefits of hot tubs and spas have been recognized for thousands of years.  In fact, the word spa is taken from the Roman words “salus per aquam”, which means literally “health from water”. Certainly, the Romans were well aware of the health benefits of soaking in a hot bath. It was an important part – and ritual – of their lives. Other cultures also recognised the importance of relaxing and… VIEW POST


inflatable hot tubs frequently asked questions faqs

When you are looking to buy an inflatable hot tub, you will almost certainly have a lot of questions or maybe concerns. Here are the questions which are most frequently asked by those looking to buy their first inflatable hot tub. Occasionally, we link to our own articles which go into more detail, in case you need a more comprehensive understanding. We are always looking to keep our Frequently Asked Questions updated… VIEW POST