Why You Mustn’t Pee In Your Inflatable Hot Tub

why you should not pee in your hot tub

You might think it’s OK to pee in your inflatable hot tub. Just this once. After all, whose going to know? And surely the chemicals in the water are going to get rid of it, aren’t they? Well no. Not only is it gross to pee in your inflatable spa, it can actually be very dangerous. So please read on to find out why you mustn’t pee in your inflatable hot… VIEW POST

5 Weird Inflatable Hot Tub Remedies and Relief

infflatable hot tubs benefits

We all know that feeling of slipping into the bubbling hot waters of our inflatable hot tub for a long soak and a massage. There’s no better way to unwind or relieve the aches and pains of the day. But you might be pleased to learn that an inflatable hot tub also offers other, lesser-known, remedies and relief. In this article, we are looking at five of the most unusual but… VIEW POST

How To Pack Away Your Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter


Most inflatable hot tubs are only meant to be used in temperatures above 40F. This means for most of us that we need to pack away our inflatable hot tub before Winter comes blowing in. In this article, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide as to how to take down your inflatable hot tub and pack it away in perfect condition. Following our guidelines means that your hot tub… VIEW POST

9 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Your Inflatable Hot Tub

These are the 9 things you need to know before you buy your inflatable hot tub. If you’re new to the world of inflatable hot tubs, about to buy your first ever hot tub, then this beginner’s guide will help you make the right decision. Our advice and tips will arm you with all the information you need so you don’t make an expensive mistake. First off, let us just clarify… VIEW POST

How To Clean Your Inflatable Hot Tub Filters

Your inflatable hot tub filters play a crucial role in your hot tub. They filter out the dirt and impurities from the water, keeping it clean and healthy. They also trap the dirt and stop it from getting into your hot tub’s pump and heater. If your filters fail in their task, then your water will quickly become unhygienic and your motor unit will be put under a lot of strain…. VIEW POST

How To Shock Your Inflatable Hot Tub

how to shock your inflatable hot tub chemical granules

When we first heard that we had to shock our inflatable hot tub, we must admit we were a little worried. Apart from the fact we had no idea what it meant, it sounded such a huge and scary thing to do! If you’re like we were, and you’re unclear about what shocking is and how to do it, then our article will help you all the way. What Does It… VIEW POST

Easy Inflatable Hot Tub Tips

easy inflatable hot tub tips and ideas

Owning an inflatable hot tub should be easy. We all want to take the cover off, turn on the massage system, and get in for a great massage and relaxing soak. However, if we’re not careful, it can end up costing us a lot of time, effort, and money. So what we all need are some ways we can save in each of these three areas. Here, then, are 11 of… VIEW POST

How To Care For Your Inflatable Hot Tub Cover

how to care for your inflatable hot tub cover.PNG

Your inflatable hot tub cover is one of the most important parts of your hot tub. When we bought our first ever inflatable hot tub, we thought the cover was just something you put on to keep stuff from getting in the water when we weren’t using it (yes, we really were total newbies!). However, your inflatable hot tub is so much more than that. As well as keeping the water… VIEW POST

Money Saving Tips For Inflatable Hot Tub Owners


Let’s be frank here. Owning an inflatable hot tub costs money. After all, you have to fill it with water. It uses electricity to heat the water and to create the massage system. Also, you need to buy chemicals to keep the water sanitized and safe for your hot tub users. What this means, is that your heating and water bills are definitely going to rise. So what you need are… VIEW POST

8 Tips For Setting Up Your Inflatable Hot Tub

how to set up your inflatable hot tub

When you buy an inflatable hot tub for the first time, you’re probably uncertain about how to set it up. You’re possibly a little worried you might even do it wrong. Well, worry no more! Here are our top 8 tips for setting up your inflatable hot tub, straight out of the box. These tips are also a useful reminder if you are setting up your inflatable spa in the Spring… VIEW POST

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