Keeping Children Safe In Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Keeping Children Safe In Your Inflatable Hot Tub

This is one of the most important articles on our site, giving you all you need to know about keeping children safe in your inflatable hot tub.  

Any parent knows that children love hot tubs. The thrill of having what in their eyes is a swimming pool right in their own backyard – and even better, one that bubbles – causes them great excitement and is an irresistible attraction.

But as with any body of water, it is vital that children are supervised at all times when they are in your inflatable hot tub. Don’t take your eyes off them for a second.

It is a great idea when you buy your inflatable hot tub to set up some ‘Hot Tub Rules’ and have them clearly displayed near the hot tub. If you get your children to help write or illustrate the Rules Board, they are more likely to remember them.

Should You Allow Babies and Toddlers in Inflatable Hot Tubs?

In one word: No.

Every inflatable hot tub manufacturer recommends that no child under the age of 5 should be allowed to use a hot tub. This advice is backed up by safety bodies and the medical community. That’s because young children’s skin is very sensitive and they can be burnt by the hot water in the hot tub, which can reach 104F. That’s hotter than an adult’s normal body temperature (98.6F).  It’s also much hotter than the temperature of a bath you would ever run for your baby or toddler.

As well as the danger of their skin being burnt, children under 5 can overheat very quickly. This can lead to serious problems, such as dizziness, fainting, vomiting, heat stroke, even unconsciousness and worse.

Therefore, no matter how tempting it is to have your baby or infant in the hot tub with you, even for just a few minutes, the risks are too great.

Hot Tub Safety For Children Over 5

For those children over the age of 5, there are some basic rules which will keep them safe while still letting them have a great time.

While you are coming up with your Hot Tub Rules, talk to your children about the need to stay safe at all times.

keeping children safe in your inflatable hot tubFirstly, make sure they are tall enough to stand up in the hot tub with their entire head still above water.

Even if they are good swimmers, or they are wearing flotation aids – even if you are going to be in with them the entire time – it is strongly advised to stick to this minimum height rule.

Once you have determined that your children are tall enough to get in, then there are some other considerations to bear in mind.

Firstly, they must never get into the hot tub without an adult. That’s why it is important to have a lockable hot tub cover, and to keep the key or code of the digital lock safely away from the children.

Up until the age of 11, children should still only stay in the hot tub for a maximum of five minutes. It is easy for them to ignore any signs of overheating or faintness that being in such hot water can bring about.  Therefore, limit their time, and make sure they do something outside the hot tub for at least ten minutes before they get back in.  

It is also a good idea to get children to wear swim goggles when they are in your portable spa.  This will prevent their eyes from getting red and irritated by the chemicals in the water.

When they are in the hot tub, children must not play with the water filter or put their fingers or toes into it. They must also keep their heads above water, and not play the “how long can you hold your breath underwater” game.

Some basic behaviour rules will also keep your children safe. These include no jumping or diving into the hot tub; no pushing anyone under water; no running next to the hot tub, in case they trip and fall in; and no glass of any kind near or in the hot tub.

Also, no-one, of any age, should ever swim before, during or after a thunderstorm.

How To Keep Your Children Safe In And Around Your Inflatable Hot Tub

From your own point of view, make sure that you keep that inflatable hot tub cover on at all times. Prevent your children from playing with the water pump and heating device which comes with every inflatable hot tub. Also ensure they do not touch the electric cable or socket which powers your hot tub.

If your hot tub does not have one, we strongly advise that you run your inflatable hot tub power supply through a circuit breaker, for added safety.

Finally, make sure the water in your pool is clean, and check regularly that the chemical levels of the water are correct. You can find more information about this in our article How To Test The Water In Your Inflatable Hot Tub.

Also, keep all inflatable hot tub chemicals safely out of children’s reach; and if you spill any chemicals, always wipe them up right away.

Please don’t be alarmed, or put off from buying a portable hot tub, by this advice. The aim is to make sure that your children and their friends are always safe, so they can have a great time in your inflatable hot tub, in the fun and exciting way it is designed to be enjoyed.

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